I have to thank Nanna’s Secret for introducing me to dukkah (pronounced DOO-kah, in case you were wondering). Originating in Egypt, dukkah is a medley of roasted nuts, herbs and spices, creating a coarse crumb that can be applied as a crust to meat or cheese, sprinkled over vegetables of omelettes or simply added to your favorite olive oil for bread dipping.

Nanna’s Secret offers a few different varieties of dukkah, but I gravitated toward the “Zesty” blend made with almonds and sesame seeds. I wanted to try it with a soft cheese, so I chose a smooth goat chevre from Shellbark Hollow Farm and some chewy spelt bread from the Wayfare Baker. This adventure with dukkah became a quick and easy snack or appetizer!

Zesty Dukkah Cheese Ball

Using Saran wrap or wax paper, mold the cheese into a ball. Sprinkle a little dukkah over the cheese in a bowl. Not too much! You don’t want to waste any and you can always add more. Roll the ball around until it’s completely covered with crunchy spices. Serve it with bread or crackers of your choosing and dig in!

Needless to say this cheese ball didn’t last very long. But I’m excited to try this as a crust with some seared lamb or goat…
Nanna’s Secret, Shellbark Hollow Farm and the Wayfare Baker will ALL be at Fest! You can talk recipe ideas with them in less than 2 weeks. Have you bought your tickets yet?