Wild Flour Bakery

Wild Flour Bakery

Wild Flour Bakery is a small, wholesale, artisan bread bakery that began operation in South Philadelphia, PA in 2003. Its main goal was to provide high quality, fresh bread to Philadelphia’s premier food establishments.
The bakery was founded by Nishon & Laura Yaghoobian upon returning from their honeymoon in October 2003. Nishon oversees all baking and Laura is responsible for sales and customer service.
Over the years, the wholesale business has grown exponentially, and ten years ago grew to include local open air farmers’ markets that were beginning to become popular in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Production at the bakery has also expanded to include a select offering of seasonal pastries.
All products are made from scratch and with the finest quality ingredients available. Everything we make is hand cut, rolled, and shaped. We do not add any conditioners, additives, enhancers, or preservatives to our products, so everything is as natural and as unadulterated as possible.
As we enter our 13th year, we have grown and learned a lot. As always, our number one priority is the quality and consistency of our breads and pastries and providing the best possible customer service to our customers. We are grateful to be a part of the vibrancy and variety of the Philadelphia local food movement.






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January 29, 2017

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