Valley Milkhouse is an artisan creamery producing fresh, mold-ripened and cave-aged cheeses, butter and yogurt in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

We are inspired by the European cheesemaking tradition, making primarily French and Dutch styles. We handcraft each cheese with special attention to texture and flavor, and we seek to allow the terroir of the region to shine.

Our milk comes from two dairies: Spring Creek Farm and Dutch Meadows Dairy. Both farms are certified organic dairies feeding their cows a 100% grass based diet. Spring Creek Farm’s herd is a mix of Jersey, Ayrshire and Holstein breeds. Dutch Meadows Dairy raises the rare dutch belted breed of cattle, known for its delicate milk that is more easily digestible than other breeds.

We distribute our products via retail outlets in Philadelphia and throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. We also participate in several farmers’ markets and farm share programs throughout the region.