Tooth of the Lion Apothecary: Roots for the People

The Mission

Our mission is to create a farm-based apothecary, offering products that improve the quality of life and wellbeing of our communities. We are committed to building an accessible, local medicine movement in the mid-Atlantic; fostering a sense of place through the production of high-quality and unique botanical products; and cultivating connections between people and non-human nature.

The Practice

In order to craft botanical products of the highest quality and efficacy, we utilize traditional extraction methods, whole plant material, and local ingredients. Our unique herbal formulations incorporate a diversity of leaves, flowers, roots and barks from plants that thrive within the ecology of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Drawing upon traditional plant knowledge as well as scientific and clinical research, we strive to make products that meet people’s needs. Our tinctures and tea blends are delicious, effective, and practical for everyday use.

As a part of our mission to promote awareness, dialogue and access as essential components of local medicine, Tooth of the Lion offers classes and walks in plant identification, wild-harvesting, medicine making and more in and around Philadelphia.

In 2017, we plan to begin our own medicinal herb farm operation. We plan to grow 80-100% of the herbs for our products, along with more fresh cut herbs, flowers and salad mixes to further our mission of providing high quality, nutrient-dense, locally grown botanical medicine and medicine-food to the greater Philadelphia area.