Taproot Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown Produce Farm & CSA, growing great food since 2010. Embracing the principles and practices of Organic Farming, Taproot Farm produces the highest quality Vegetables, Fruits and Pasture-Raised Eggs! We are a family farm with a devotion to Sustainable Agriculture, Healthy Food, Healthy Communities, Local Eating, and the Organic Movement. We strive to make our farm an exciting and productive source of healthy, fresh food in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our produce is harvested at the peak of it’s quality and sold fresh to ensure the highest nutritive value possible. We use crop rotation, cover crops, composts, and natural soil amendments to enrich the land and grow nutrient-dense foods. We believe that everyone’s actions, everyday, have an important impact on this world. For us, this is an empowering concept. Our tiny contribution is a farm, a family, dedicated to nutrition. Nutrition for people, for the soil, for the plants and animals we care for, but not just for that. The nourishing power of fresh, delicious food unites people into healthy relationships. It unites people with the environment. It is the substance of ritual. We want our customers to feel the empowerment of putting fresh, locally raised food on the table, to share with friends, community and family. It sounds great…& it tastes better!