Made from organic, unsalted, GRAIN free butter from happy cows grazing in Lancaster County’s green pastures, Simply Ghee Original is a better butter! And because the cows only eat grass and hay all year long, that means the butter is also GMO free.

What makes it healthy? We remove the unhealthy fats (milk solids and the moisture evaporates) – leaving behind a butter oil. This oil carries a high smoke point of 485F and requires no refrigeration. Use it as an alternative to cooking oils or spread like butter.

Because the butter is grass-fed it’s chocked full of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids) which are key to fighting fat, building better immune systems and healthy hearts and brains. Who doesn’t want that?

Made right here in Lancaster County since 2012, we’ve been slowly introducing ways to easily incorporate Simply Ghee into your daily diet.

We’re very excited about our increasing product line. From adding Honey Ghee in 2014, Black Garlic Ghee in 2015, and our latest addition this year – Sriracha Ghee, our flavored ghee makes the perfect finishing butter for just about anything you can imagine. Need to jump start your creativity? Check out our Ghee Tips under our Recipe/Tips Tab at