Years ago, there was a store located in South Philly named Barry’s Homebrew Outlet. Barry Mulherin was a do it yourself pioneer, building his home and store from an empty burned out shell. Barry’s Homebrew Outlet started in 1983, servicing South Philly for Beer and Wine making enthusiast, just like yourself. After 15 years of running and owning the store, Barry felt it was time to move on, and sold the company to two of his best friends, Nick Less and Jimmy McMillan.

Nick started brewing beer with Barry, and Jimmy started brewing alone following the guidance of any book he could find. The boys met at Barry’s Homebrew Outlet in the summer of 2003 at a “SPAM: South Philly Ale Makers” meeting, and have been friend ever since. Once the offer of purchasing the store was on the table, they both resigned their jobs and started a new business driven by the love and passion of homebrewing.

Since 2011, Nick and Jimmy have been running the store from a new location just blocks away from Northern Liberties. At 1447 N. American street lies a 1800 square foot building packed to the gills with Beer, Wine, Cheese making, and more supplies and ingredients.