For many years, I worked in the food industry. Not the restaurant industry, but the dreaded Big Food. The lessons I learned there made me more dedicated to eating real foods and to making my food sources as local and unrefined as possible. I left that world a few years ago, in part because of my ambivalence about the end product of my work.

Since then, I’ve devoted the vast majority of my free time (there isn’t a ton since I now work for myself) to the pursuit of good eats that I can process myself. I grow a pretty sizable container garden on my roof and balcony and in my city yard.  I ferment whatever good veggies I can get my hands on, and I revel in the beautiful, imperfect and far from sterile process that we call fermentation.

I am no purist: I eat in restaurants. I shop in grocery stores and try very unlocal ferments. I occasionally even enjoy a blueberry in March, but I try hard to make my home a welcome place for the best, local, unprocessed products because I honestly believe that they taste better and that eating this way means something for my community and for my body.

I also adore teaching, so teaching fermentation is my exact dream job.