Creek Goat Cheeses.  We are a family owned and operated cheese operation.  Our herd of pure and mixed breed dairy goats (Saanen, Alpiner Nubian) are fed GMO free grains, are soy free, and are given no added hormones or antibiotics for milk production.

It is our goal to raise the immunity of our goats through natural methods so the need for antibiotics becomes less and less, which has been the case in recent years, thankfully.

We strive for quality and consistency of flavor in both our milk and cheese.  We know we can improve quality of flavor by the feeding of herb fennel, which produces sweet milk, along with other herbs that boost the overall health of the goat.

Additionally, we are now feeding vinegar which helps balance ph in the goat and improves butterfat naturally.  This make a good difference in our end product…the cheese.

In the past, our herd has been partially seasonal with us running quite low in milk production from Thanksgiving until late January.  We like to say the goats are on maternity leave.  Therefore, certain times of the year we do run low on cheese.  This is soon remedied with the arrival of spring- ah- springtime with the little kids frolicking around, eager, to start their journey through life.

Amos, the Dad, is our cheese maker and oversees the process from start-to-finish.  It is our goal (the Miller Family) to produce cheese for the cheese lover’s palate, made from goat milk that is also easily digest.”  Enjoy!  —Amos & Rebecca Miller & Family