In January 2015, farmer Sloane Six and her family reopened the doors to Mainland Inn, an elegant eco revival of the historic Montgomery County inn that acts as an extension of her farm, Quarry Hill, located just a mile and a half away. The inn, originally constructed in the 1700s, sits on a sprawling eight acres of land and features refined, modern dining rooms while embracing its historical charm.

With an emphasis placed on culinary craftsmanship and nutritionally rich preparations, we have committed to sourcing only organically grown and sustainably sourced ingredients on our menu. Heirloom vegetables and heritage, pasture-raised meats from our very own onsite gardens and farm, as well as other local farms allow our frequently-changing seasonal menu to offer you the freshest ingredients of the suburban Philadelphia region. Additionally, fisherman practicing sustainable marine stewardship provide us with wild, line-caught fish from renewable fisheries as well as other sustainably raised seafood.

Sustainable ideals go well beyond the kitchen, with our bar program celebrating high-quality selections including all organic and biodynamic wines, organic beers and artisan spirits. We additionally feature a perpetually evolving and wildly fun and creative cocktail program featuring fresh juices and house made accouterments and French-press coffee roasted by our friends and neighbors at One Village.

In keeping with the mission of the kitchen and bar, every effort has been made to implement eco-friendly alternatives to conventional practices, such as composting restaurant waste, utilizing green cleaning materials and the sourcing of energy efficient appliances where possible.

We are so excited to be opened and offer a truly unique dining experience to the Philadelphia suburbs.