Spent grain is a byproduct of the beer brewing process. During the brewing process, sugars are extracted from grain. The “spent” grain is then skimmed out and typically thrown away. But wait – spent grain still has a lot of nutritional value and dogs LOVE it! Spent barley, used in the beer brewing process, is a concentrated source of nutrition, high in vitamins (particularly niacin and thiamin), high in fiber and protein, yet very low in fat. Not only do these treats smell amazing and taste awesome but they have health benefits for your canine friend. These delicious, crunchy beer grain treats won’t get your dog drunk – but they will get him buzzing with excitement! We make our treats by hand, in small batches, using simple ingredients including fresh brewers’ grain and fresh local eggs. Our treats are slow baked to the perfect crunch which ensures a long shelf life and cleans your pup’s teeth. These treats are excellent for training since dogs go crazy for them, the reason we call them ‘crack for dogs’! Our treats do not contain soy, hops, xylitol or preservatives. Each batch is taste tested by our quality control team, Toby, Grizzly & Violet.

We give a portion of our proceeds to a selected area rescue each month.

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