Norman Fetter

Norman Fetter

Owner, Woodland Jewel Mushrooms

Featuring Marisa McClellan

Featuring Marisa McClellan

Food Blogger, Author, and Canning Teacher based in Center City, Philadelphia

Olga Sorzano

Olga Sorzano

Owner, Baba's Brew

Homesteader’s Stage Schedule

Seed Starting with Greensgrow Farms


Seed Starting from the Pros, Greensgrow Farmers will demonstrate how to start a tray of seeds and discuss what to choose for your location, planning and planting times, what kind of soil to use and why, soil temperature and watering for success. They will touch on nutrients, feeding, compost and vermiculture.

Backyard Chickens with Maureen Breen


Want to learn everything about having Backyard Chickens in Philly? Maureen Breen of Philadelphia Backyard Chickens is an urban chicken expert! She will cover all the essentials of caring for your egg laying flock.

Jamming with Natural Sweeteners with Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars


Want to preserve without cups and cups of refined sugar? Learn how to safely and deliciously can using honey, maple, coconut sugar and other natural sweeteners with the author of Naturally Sweet Food in Jars and blogger at Food in Jars, Marisa McClellan. She’ll show you how to make a batch of Strawberry Cocoa Jam, sweetened with coconut sugar and set with Pomona’s Pectin. She’ll also demonstrate how to use the boiling water bath method for safe, shelf-stable preservation. Marisa has taught canning and preserving for more than a decade and loves to share her knowledge and experience with new and experienced canners alike.

Mushroom Workshop Woodland Jewel Mushrooms


Grow mushrooms at home! Norm from Woodland Jewel Mushrooms, Spring City, PA, will dig into all the details you need to know to successful grow your own shrooms.

Kombucha Workshop with Olga Sorzano of Baba’s Brew


Brew Your Own Elixir, Olga Sorzano, founder of Baba’s Brew walks us through the ancient practice of kombucha making. This tradition was passed down to Olga from her great-grandmother and today she’ll show us her various renditions of this old world recipe.

Food Foraging Tips with Wild Foodies of Philly


The Wild Foodies of Philly will explore all that nature has to offer in wild edible plants! Lynn Landes, foraging expert, will educate visitors on the importance of exploring nature and properly identifying delicious edible plants.