The Greater Knead

The Greater Knead

Imagine if you had a say about what goes into your food. We believe YOU should always be put first. By using gluten-free and free-from ingredients with more transparency, we are creating food for The Greater Knead.

We started out on our journey in 2012 as Sweet Note, when our Founder’s family members were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Initially, it was about recreating an authentic New York Style bagel to be gluten-free and allergen-friendly. As time went by, we learned about what was going on in the food industry, and we couldn’t believe what we discovered. Loopholes, companies cutting corners, and a lack of product integrity.

We decided to build a brand that challenges the status quo and empower and inspires change in the food industry. That is why we recently changed our name to THE GREATER KNEAD.





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March 14, 2017

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