It’s an all day Cheese Festival-within-a-Festival!

We all know cheese has a spiritual value, a moral journey… Make a cheese Pilgrimage!

Meet Philly’s cheese all-stars: the makers, mongers, chefs and creative producers of your favorite cheese for a day filled with culinary tastings, tours, contests and curds galore.

Hosted by Aimee Olexy

Hosted by Aimee Olexy

Founder of Talula’s Garden, Daily and Table

Featuring Emilio Mignucci

Featuring Emilio Mignucci

Third generation owner of Di Bruno Bros.

Featuring Chef David Katz

Featuring Chef David Katz

Culinary Director of Honeygrow


These classes will all have limited seating available. Make sure to sign-up for the classes you’re interested in as soon as you arrive!

The Master Class with Emilio Mignucci of DiBruno Brothers


Emilio will help you find new cheeses to fall in love with, discuss new ideas and happenings in cheese, and experiment with pairings and condiments that you may not have dreamed up on your own. All condiments will be from vendors at Philly Farm and Food Fest, so you can go home with your favorite pairing! This class is perfect for amateurs, professionals, locavores and even young cheese fanatics looking to expand their cheese knowledge.

Cooking with FireFly Farms Cheese


Mike Koch, Firefly Founder and Pablo Solanet, FireFly co-founder and Exec Chef, will lead the session with 2 recipes that they will demo and then sample their delights. Learn about the fantastic Firefly recipe blog “Our Local Pantry.” We’ve just re-launched our website and the 2 recipes we highlight will be published at or before the event as well.

Spring Dairy with David Katz of Honeygrow


David Katz, Executive Chef Extraordinaire of Philadelphia based Honeygrow, will discuss the proper placement of amazing local cheese and yogurt within two different Honeygrow signature dishes. Taste a sample of the recipes and take home the training to do it yourself or visit a Honeygrow to see local dairy at the forefront of Spring! You will crave fresh, local, creative Honeygrow creations all Spring and Summer!

Stretching Mozz with Caputo Bros. Creamery


Team Caputo! is launching their new “boil-in-bag” method of mozzarella stretching.  This amazing process allows you to drop a frozen pouch of our curds into hot water, wait 6 minutes and then open and stretch.  It is so easy, it’s ridiculous.  Caputo will be demo-ing this playful and delicious experience.  Try it yourself… the old way and the new way and discuss the secrets of mozzarella stretching and share what you think with the experts at Caputo.

Sue Miller and Talula’s… Curious about Blue Cheese?


Sue Miller and Talula’s… Curious about Blue Cheese? Sue Miller was too… and now she makes one of the Best Blue’s in the country. Learn all about Blue Cheese and try two different ways to get every person you know eating it with two Talula’s recipe! See and taste two blue cheese recipes in action that enhance your local, seasonal, blue cheese lifestyle. Make blue cheese dip and a blue cheese-honey ball. These recipes will be your new favorite, friend-winning, potluck dish.