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We have an entire section dedicated to local farms that offer CSA programs. They’ll be selling and sampling fresh produce, so you can find the CSA share perfect for you!

Make a plan for local eating. Purchase a CSA at Fest, and receive a general admission ticket to the Philly Farm and Food Fest 2018!

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Seven Stars Farm

Operating since 1987, Seven Stars Farm is a 420 acre certified Biodynamic dairy farm located in northern Chester County, PA. We use the milk from our Jersey and Jersey crossed herd to produce Seven Stars Organic Yogurt. Our yogurt is sold via natural foods distributors throughout the eastern United States. It is available in four 32oz. flavors: Whole Milk Plain, Maple, Vanilla, and our newest addition, Lemon! For our customers who crave a lighter product, we also provide Low-Fat Plain and Low-Fat Maple. Organic maple syrup, organic vanilla extract, organic lemon extract and cultures are the only additional ingredients added to our unhomogenized, pasteurized milk. The result is an old-fashioned, European-style yogurt that is both unique and addictive!

In addition to our yogurt, we now sell pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream.  Due to our small-scale operation, our cream is only available in a limited number of regional stores. The good news is you can purchase any of our retail products, along with the most delicious beef you have ever tasted, by stopping in at our Seven Stars Farm Store!

Most of all, we want to answer your questions. So please send us your questions/suggestions and we’ll do our best to answer them.


Landisdale Farm

A family owned and operated certified organic farm located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Organic Vegetables We focus on healthy soils, healthy plants, and we bring you the the result- healthy veggies for you and your family. We invite you to enjoy our fresh vegetables through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, or at a local farmer’s market stand.

Grass-Fed Beef Our Devon-Angus cross bred cattle are raised and finished on grass. No growth hormones or steroids are ever used for our 100% grass-fed beef.

Free Range Chicken

Free Range Pork

Humified Compost is far greater value than regular compost. It is very rich in humus and microbes. A quarter inch of humified compost will do more for your soil than 3 inches of regular compost. It is extremely beneficial in farming, gardening, and landscaping applications.


Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

CSA Pop-Up Shop Sponsor

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC) is a non-profit organic farmers cooperative of over 100 regional farmers headquartered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We focus on creating healthy, high quality foods from highly maintained and enriched soils on small scale family farms.

The Greensgrow CSA

The Greensgrow CSA is a cooperative CSA. Our network of farmers includes a range from generations-old established family farms in South Jersey, to fledgling co-ops of organic farmers in Lancaster County. Although Greensgrow is an urban farm, in order to feed all of our families here in the heart of Philadelphia, we partner with farmers who grow a variety of high quality foods or our members. We bring our region’s best from farms to your plate!

When you support Greensgrow you are supporting a triple bottom line organization that stands for social good. We are a non-profit organization, and when you spend your hard earned dollars on our CSA, you are supporting social entrepreneurship, jobs in our region, and a sustainable business model. Additionally you help to support our programs that provide fresh food at reduced costs for financially challenged families in Philadelphia.



Taproot Farm

Taproot Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown Produce Farm & CSA, growing great food since 2010. Embracing the principles and practices of Organic Farming, Taproot Farm produces the highest quality Vegetables, Fruits and Pasture-Raised Eggs! We are a family farm with a devotion to Sustainable Agriculture, Healthy Food, Healthy Communities, Local Eating, and the Organic Movement. We strive to make our farm an exciting and productive source of healthy, fresh food in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our produce is harvested at the peak of it’s quality and sold fresh to ensure the highest nutritive value possible. We use crop rotation, cover crops, composts, and natural soil amendments to enrich the land and grow nutrient-dense foods. We believe that everyone’s actions, everyday, have an important impact on this world. For us, this is an empowering concept. Our tiny contribution is a farm, a family, dedicated to nutrition. Nutrition for people, for the soil, for the plants and animals we care for, but not just for that. The nourishing power of fresh, delicious food unites people into healthy relationships. It unites people with the environment. It is the substance of ritual. We want our customers to feel the empowerment of putting fresh, locally raised food on the table, to share with friends, community and family. It sounds great…& it tastes better!

Philly FoodWorks

Philly FoodWorks unites producers and consumers in order to increase access to good food for all Philadelphia residents while supporting the business of producers that care about their craft and the communities in which they work.