I founded Clay and Plenty in 2015 with the belief that everyone could use a little more time out-of-doors, away from screens, interacting with plants, the earth, and other people in low-tech situations. I’ve combined my love of farming, nature, and food, and wrapped it all into a service business.

My services include, but are not limited to:
•Garden design and installation
•Native plant landscaping and permaculture design
•Wood-fired pizza ovens
•Natural stone hardscape

Gardens are the answer to many problems, the cause of only a few. If everyone had a garden, I sincerely believe we’d thereby solve many of our collective persistent ills: degenerative diseases, high healthcare costs, obesity, depression, unequal access to high quality food, pollution caused by industrial food production and transport, the list goes on…so many reasons to plant a garden, so few not to. Worried that the Colorado potato beetle will get your eggplant? Sunscald on the peppers? Creepy crawly bugs? These are small concerns compared with the first list, I think most would agree. Through my garden projects, I aim to share my passion for growing the highest quality food as close to the kitchen as we can get it. I’m not going to be your gardener. You have to want to be your own gardener, and I’ll take you there.

I also build pizza ovens. I love cooking food with fire and you should too, simply put. Beyond pizza, these are also the perfect ovens for cooking bread, veggies from the garden, meats, cookies, casseroles, anything you can cook in a normal oven, only better. A few hardwood logs can fire the oven for hours, making it one of the most efficient and sustainable cooking methods. And it’s fun.

As for hardscapes, I love how the weight and permanence of stone adds to the value of any outdoor space, inviting us to stay longer, or even making walking out the garden that much more enjoyable on a beautiful walkway. I prefer to dry-lay natural stone. The beauty of natural stone is unsurpassed by concrete paver products, and using locally quarried stone just seems to fit better in the landscape.

Garden designer, hardscape artisan, pizza oven builder, advocate for the everyday outdoors, that’s me.