At the Chocolate Clinic I care most about how chocolate is made. For me, the lack of enthusiasm and art found in mass-produced chocolate leaves me unenthusiastic. When you shop with me, the chocolate you will find on my virtual shelves has all been made by a chocolate maker who works with her/his hands, sourcing the cocoa beans ethically, then taking the bean through the entire process to present you a fantastic bar of chocolate–I guarantee after your first bite you’ll be hooked!

I love my chocolate community. Every day I meet new, interesting people who share a love of good chocolate. My community is growing in ways I never expected. Every event I do I meet people just like you, sharing your own chocolate memories or impressions, which is the best part of what I do.

This month I launched my own line of locally sourced confections, which I’m calling Chocolate Accessories (your chocolate doesn’t like being alone!). The idea behind my Chocolate Accessories line is to bring to my community confections made with locally sourced ingredients, in small batches, and in some instances, in collaboration with another local maker. My marshmallows, cacao nib brittle, and graham crackers are made in small batches in my commercial kitchen. This new experience brings me a lot of happiness, which I hope translates to your experience when you eat or share my confections.