Chaikhana Chai

Chaikhana Chai

Dawn Lewis, owner of a coffee & tea bar called Caffe Craze in Malvern, PA and creator of Chaikhana Chai was compelled by her Seattle, Washington roots and health conscious philosophy to create a chai concentrate with the guiding principle of using only whole ingredients. Soon she was selling her micro-brewed Original – Vanilla chai concentrate to other local tea & coffee houses. In 2012, Chaikhana Chai’s Masala- spicy flavor won a North American Tea Championship Award. The Original-vanilla flavor was the recipient of a North American Tea Championship Award in the iced tea category in 2016. The recipe idea was unique, mixing sparkling water and Chaikhana Chai concentrate as a “sparkling vanilla iced tea.”
Chaikhana Chai was created as an organic, whole ingredient brewed chai concentrate. Over the past 10 years, while carefully growing our cafe produced chai into a nationally distributed product, we’ve remained true to our original brewing process and ingredient sourcing philosophy. We purchase only organic and fair trade tea through an importer who shares our commitment to responsible sourcing. Our spicy, organic ginger comes from a remote farm community located in the high mountains of Peru and our importer returns a portion of the profits directly to the farmers. The organic honey we use is from Lancaster, PA and we produce our chai at an apple juice production facility in Maryland where our spent ingredients are collected and taken along with their apple scraps to local farm lands for incorporating into the soil. Our chai concentrate’s 1 to 4 recipe ratio uses less water (compared to the typical 1 to 1 ratio that most chai concentrates are sold as) which reduces our use of raw materials (for bottles and packaging) and transportation/shipping by 50%.
Chaikhana Chai concentrate is sold to retail customers at whole foods stores and co-ops in the Philadelphia area and also through our website plus other online sellers. Many cafes, restaurants and college campus operations on the East Coast purchase Chaikhana Chai concentrate to use in preparing a variety of authentic, healthy chai drinks for their customers.


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January 12, 2017

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