One of the desires of my heart in preparing foods was to come up with a recipe that would make food prep easy, healthy and also taste good. It began in 2010 making a frozen meat free hamburger. It became a challenge to market a frozen food product so I decided to create a product that was dry packaged and shelf stable. That is how Patty Up® came to be.
I wanted to manufacture a product that was first of all safe—free of chemicals, pesticides, low sodium, and gluten free, a Non-GMO, no Soy, and free of food additives. Today it seems that food is not really food, but rather cheaply manufactured food-like products with salt and chemicals to please primarily the taste buds and can make a person un-healthy and sometimes even sick. Real food tastes good all by itself. And the quest for “clean food” is certainly not unique to us. Today’s consumers seek more specific information on foods they buy. Americans are looking for more healthful options at restaurants and other foodservice places. People are beginning to define healthy eating based on quality features rather than fewer calories—according to a health report by consulting firm The NPD Group 2013. The feature most important to consumers seeking healthy menu options is quality, such as fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients.

The ingredients in my product are from the very best premium sources. Shiitake mushrooms, nuts, and Kosher organic vegetables have naturally good flavors. This results in an unusually delicious meat alternative. These are all great reason why Patty Up® is a perfect fit for an expo such as Philly Farm and Food Fest.