Philly Farm and Food Fest ​is an annual event that offers a year’s worth of local food​ and drink​ inspiration in one action-packed day. ​It’s your best opportunity to authentically connect with and learn from the standout farmers, exceptional makers​, and righteous food and farming organizations of the Mid Atlantic’s food and drink community.

The Real Deal

PF3 Exhibitors are among the best and most talented farmers, artisans, and businesses in the region. In order to create an event that fulfills our mission of supporting local and sustainable agriculture, and insures that exhibitors are the real deal, they are  included when they fulfill these criteria:


  • Farmer based within about 200 miles of Philadelphia
  • Food artisans using at least 50% of raw ingredients GROWN within 200 miles-/+ of their place of business. For instance, if a food artisan makes ketchup, at least 50% of their total yearly tomato purchases need to be from regional farmers. We may ask for details about your sourcing such as what farms/local food distributors/produce auctions you by from and specifically what products you source from local growers.
  • Distributors and Retailers focused on local and sustainable foods
  • Non Profit and Advocacy organizations dedicated to strengthening our local food system
  • A limited number of booths are available to locally-based craftspeople dedicated to producing food-related products
  • Some artisans with products whose raw materials are not grown locally (such as olive oil, chocolate, or coffee) will be admitted based on sourcing standards such as fair trade and sustainable growing practices.


National brands love local too

National brands aligned with the mission of supporting local and sustainable food systems that wish to participate are welcome through impactful sponsorship of the event.  They are a critical part of supporting the local food system and making PF3 possible – we could not put this annual event on (and keep booth fees and ticket fees so reasonable) without the support of our sponsors!

Plan Your Year of Local

Get to know more than 160 vetted local exhibitors and plan your year of eating and drinking locally!  From Farm Stays to Farmhouse Ales, there is something for every local food lover.  

New to local food?  We got you!  Explore, taste meet your makers for the first time.

If you are an experienced local food lover, PF3 is the platform to find your next favorite seasonal cheese, compare and contrast CSA plans or scope out the latest butchering techniques.  

For industry professionals, it’s a great way to keep incorporating local products into menu creation, and provide inspiration for you team as the upcoming high season arrives.  Nowhere else in the Mid-Atlantic region will you have access to this many local farmers and food artisans in one place, period.

Come meet your makers and farmers and the chefs that love them!


The Philly Farm & Food Fest has grown each year since its inception in 2011; today, it is one of the country’s biggest and best single-day food festivals and a perfect way to kick off the spring harvest season and commit to a full year of healthful, sustainable eating. The Fest is an annual event in it’s 7th year, and focuses on local farmers, artisans and regional experts in the agricultural and processing fields.

Philly Farm & Food Fest is a project of:

Fair Food was founded in 2000 with the mission of building and sustaining a humane local food economy in Philadelphia. Working cooperatively with area farmers, the group drives demand and desire for sustainably raised, locally produced foods across hospitality, institutional and educational sectors in the greater Philadelphia area and puts restaurants, bars and other sellers in contact with the farmers who supply their product, often acting as a helpful third party to facilitate mutually beneficial transactions. Fair Food is dedicated to bringing locally grown food to the marketplace and to promoting a humane, sustainable agriculture system.