Food trend predictions often top our list of things to pour over during the cold days of January. We especially love those off the wall statements that eventually come true, and make believers out of all of us. Such predictions may sound so absurd that you would guess a child suggested them. So we thought, “why don’t we let children predict upcoming food trends?”.

After a little research and conversation with parents in the food and farming world, here’s what a few young fortune tellers came up with:

  1. Annalee Olexy, daughter of Aimee Olexy, Owner at Talula’s Garden, quite predicted the potential arrival of  “a lot of artsy food like rolled ice cream and things being made to look like other things…”. Also, “colorful food that is fun to Instagram”.
  2. Ola Creston and George Brittenburg, owners of Taproot Farm, have two young girls who swear it will be the year for “tomatoes and eggs”.
  3. Jesse Tobin and Matthew Sicher, owners of Primordia Farm, a gourmet mushroom farm located in Lenhartsville, PA, have a son Elijah who says “the most popular mushroom this year will be Blewitts.”  (it’s a real thing)
  4. Stephanie Anderson, Content Manager at Dish LLC has a daughter Lucy, age 8.5, who predicts “tomatoes, eggs and milk” will be big in 2017 “because those are some of the main health things that make you healthier” and her daughter Maggie, age 6, says “I think peppers and mushrooms will be trendy. And I think honey, because bees make it from pollen and if bees stop making it, it’s bad for bees.”
  5. Fair Food Executive Director, and one of the PF3 planning warriors, Ann Karlen, has a son Caleb who believes 2017 is the year of “local artisan cheese”.

I you are looking for more predictions you could always cruise over to this Eater list, deemed the “Megalisticle of All 2017 Food Trend Listicles”, where they’ve recognized 81 predictions, sourced from a slew of restaurant industry associations, food media, and brands. Here are a few items from the mega list that multiple sources recognized:

  1. Cauliflower – will it be the new kale?
  2. Delivery services/apps – we hope they include local farmers and makers!
  3. Food waste dishes/menus – if it’s good for the environment, we’re on board!
  4. Authentic Filipino food – will we see creative dishes with seafood, spices, and tropical fruits?
  5. Products made from byproducts (i.e. whey) – wins healthy, economical and sustainable points in our book!
  6. Poke – not related to the game that took the world by storm in 2016.
  7. Vegetables – we’re obviously in favor of this one!

What do you think will be a hit in 2017? Better yet, what do your children think?