“Philly Farm & Food Fest is a unique opportunity to showcase our full line of products to the public and to wholesale buyers. PF3 is a big part of how we build our brand and get it in front of people – and our most fun marketing event. PF3 gives wholesale buyers the opportunity to see how consumers respond to a product or a brand right in front of them.”          Steve – Frecon Farms

Become a Fest Exhibitor

If you are a farmer, artisan food producer, a non-profit, or a sustainably-minded business, Philly Farm & Food Fest (PF3) offers a direct connection with thousands of consumers and wholesale buyers hungry for local, wholesome foods and products. And don’t miss the opportunity to connect with other sustainable producers and businesses!

Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Hall F in Center City Philadelphia PF3 attendees come from across the Greater Philadelphia region, spanning over 125 zip codes.  

Exhibiting at PF3 is an extremely cost-effective way to broaden your reach and attracting new customers. You will gain wide exposure and touch thousands of potential buyers through our professional marketing and public relations efforts, key promotional partnerships, and extensive social media campaigns.

Who attends?

What is new for 2017?

I can sell my products at PF3, right?

How do we choose an exhibitor?

How much does it cost?

Are scholarships available?

When is payment due?

When will I find out if I am accepted?

What else is required to be a PF3 Exhibitor?

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 Are you a local distillery, cider house, or brewery?  Click Here to register for the Local Libations Lounge within Philly Farm & Food Fest

Who attends?

Our target audience begins with families (so kids under 12 get in free) but PF3 appeals to anyone with an interest in food.  And who doesn’t love to eat?

A few fast facts about the 2016 consumer attendees:

  • 73% of consumers reported finding products at PF3 that they plan to incorporate into their regular shopping
  • 82% attended PF3 because they are interested in eating more healthy food
  • 86% attended to support environmental efforts
  • 89% attended to support the local economy
  • 88% attended to learn about and try new food
  • Ticket buyers come from Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, and even from up to 2 hours away, including NY and DC!

PF3 also attracts chefs and buyers from institutions, retail markets, distributors, and foodservice companies throughout the region.  Back by popular demand, we will be continuing to offer through direct mailing and personal invitations,  complimentary tickets to chefs and buyers and additional industry-focused programing. We know that getting wholesale clients is important to your business!

What is new for 2017?

  • Now on a Saturday, we expect to welcome more exhibitors and consumers!
  • Early Bird Registration Discount – 15% Discount for all applications received by December 31st
  • Food Trucks in the convention center featuring local products for hungry attendees (and exhibitors!)
  • Booth Discount for growers and advocacy organizations
  • Living Farm Display – High Tunnel right on the convention center floor!
  • Apple Adventure – explore our dear Pennsylvania-grown apples and apple products
  • Expanded Kids Corral with extensive programming & attractions
  • More Alpacas & More Antique Tractors!

I can sell my products at PF3, right?

Many exhibitors can sell products at PF3. All food products sold must be packaged for home use, according to Aramark rules.  So you can’t sell a sandwich, but you can sell a loaf of bread.  

Why is Aramark setting the rules?  Aramark is the food service provider for the PA Convention Center. We are trying to work with them to find creative solutions for this event – after all, PF3 is unique and important for the region!

But wait, I have been to events at the PA Convention Center in which they have sold food to be eaten “out of hand.”  There are three ways that Aramark allows food sales: 1) Using Aramark concessions, which we feel is not in keeping with the spirit of the event, 2) Buying out the Aramark contract for $15,000, but sadly, we don’t have that kind of cash! Or 3) having food trucks, which pay a significant corkage fee to Aramark.

So does that mean there won’t be food to eat besides what is sampled? We have listened to the consumers and exhibitors over the years – and we know it’s important to offer food & beverage options for purchase – both to keep guests happy and to keep them there throughout the day. This year we will be inviting a select number of Food Trucks to the event to feed attendees and exhibitors throughout the day.

How do we choose an exhibitor?

PF3 Exhibitors are among the best and most talented farmers, artisans, and businesses in the region. In order to create an event that fulfills our mission of supporting local and sustainable agriculture, exhibitors are included when they fulfill these criteria:

  • Farmer based within about 200 miles of Philadelphia
  • Food artisans using at least 50% of raw ingredients GROWN within 200 miles-/+ of their place of business. For instance, if a food artisan makes ketchup, at least 50% of their total yearly tomato purchases need to be from regional farmers. We may ask for details about your sourcing such as what farms/local food distributors/produce auctions you by from and specifically what products you source from local growers.
  • Distributors and Retailers focused on local and sustainable foods
  • Non Profit and Advocacy organizations dedicated to strengthening our local food system
  • A limited number of booths are available to locally-based craftspeople dedicated to producing food-related products
  • Some artisans with products whose raw materials are not grown locally (such as olive oil, chocolate, or coffee) will be admitted based on sourcing standards such as fair trade and sustainable growing practices.

National brands aligned with the mission of supporting local and sustainable food systems that wish to participate are welcome with sponsorships of $2,500 and up.  You are a critical part of supporting the local food system and also making PF3 possible – we could not put it on (and keep booth fees and ticket fees so low) without the support of our sponsors!

How much does it cost?

It is incredibly important to PF3 that we continue to keep booth fees as affordable as possible for our exhibitors while covering costs to produce the event. In addition to the sliding scale based on a business’s income, we have created separate pricing for Farmers and Advocacy Organizations registered as 501C-3.  In this context, the distinction between Farmer and Artisan is whether an exhibitor uses their own raw ingredient or sells their raw ingredient vs. purchasing raw ingredients from a local producer to make their goods.  

Pricing is based on three things:

     1.The type of business you have 

     2.Your annual revenue in 2016

     3.The size booth you would like

Sustainable Business
Business SizeBooth SizeBooth FeeBooth Fee
Small Business
(less than $1M in 2016)
8' X 8'$240$270
Small Business
(less than $1M in 2016)
8' X 16'$465$495
Small Business
(less than $1M in 2016)
8' X 24'$665$695
Large Business
(more than $1M in 2016)
8' X 8'$565$595
Large Business
(more than $1M in 2016)
8' X 16'$1,015$1,045
Large Business
(more than $1M in 2016)
8' X 24'$2,015$2,045

Booth fees include access to temporary hand washing station, health department application and inspection fees, teamster assistance for load in and load out, extensive advanced marketing and promotion of the event and your business and a listing on the PF3 website until November 2017.

Booth fees do not include linens, electricity and audio/visual equipment.  Let us know your needs on the registration form and we will follow up with costs from the PA Convention Center.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available based on need and mission-alignment.  Fill out the scholarship section of the exhibitor registration.  

When is payment due?

We ask that you provide full payment at the time of the application. In the event that you are not invited to exhibit, we will promptly refund you the full cost less a $15 application fee.

If you would like to discuss this, please contact Sara@PhillyFarmFest.org

When will I find out if I am accepted?

Within 10 business days of your application, you will be notified via email. In the event that you are not invited to participate, we will quickly refund your booth fee less a $15 application fee.

What else is required to be a PF3 Exhibitor?

Before you submit your application. We want to be sure you understand key requirements of Philly Farm & Food Fest.

The requirements below are a combination of city regulations, safety concerns and our commitment to making Philly Farm & Food Fest a great show.

1. Every exhibitor must have liability coverage of $1,000,000.

2. Every attendee must complete the board of health application and pass inspection from the Board of Health on the day of the show.

3. Booth rates do not include electricity or audio/visual displays.  These costs will be assessed based on your needs, if any.

Exhibitor Agreement

Philly Farm & Food Fest Exhibitor Agreement

Vendor Legal Requirements

1. All food vendors (including eggs, honey, baked goods, etc.) who wish to sample and/or sell at Philly Farm & Food Fest are required to have the proper permit from the Philadelphia Health Department and pass inspection the day of the show.

2. Each seller shall be responsible for conforming to local, state and federal laws.

3. Each seller shall have proof of liability insurance with coverage of $1,000,000 and will name Fair Food and Kitchen Table Consultants as indemnified parties for this event.

4. Neither Philly Farm and Food Fest, Fair Food nor Kitchen Table Consultants are responsible for any losses in sales or inventory due to weather or other incident.Required Vendor Practices

5. Vendors must supply any other materials necessary for their booths, including table cloths

6. Each exhibitor may bring 4 staff free of charge. Each additional person at your booth will need to purchase a ticket to the event.

7. Each vendor will be given a specific load-in time to arrive for set-up. Because of limited loading dock access, vendors who miss their load-in time will need to wait for the next available load-in slot. Please be on time!(Ample parking is available at nearby public parking lots for a fee.)

8. Each vendor must have a sign plainly visible identifying the farm/company and location. Signs must be tabletop or floor signs—no hanging signs are permitted in show.

9. Each vendor must have prices of each product listed, either on master sign or on each commodity unit (bag, box, crate, etc.). These prices must be exhibited before sale time.

10. Produce must be sold by the count, weight, bunch in legally accepted containers. All other containers must identify the net weight of the contents.

11. No breakdown of your display may begin before 4 pm. All vendor spaces must be staffed at all times during the event.

12. Electricity is available for an additional fee. No generators please.

13. Ice is not available.

14. No running water is available in the exhibit hall.

15. Philly Farm & Food Fest reserves the right to deny participation to a vendor who displays inappropriate items for this event.

16. All products for sale must have been produced in PA, NJ, DE, MD, or NY by the seller.

17. The Vendor must be an active owner/operator of the business and may not operate under a franchise agreement.

18. No commercially manufactured craft products will be permitted.

19. Vendors are not permitted to pitch tents.

20. The Philly Farm & Food Fest event will take place rain or shine. Because of advance fees required for this event, Exhibitor fees are non-refundable.

Ready to apply?

Within 10 business days of your application, you will be notified via email. In the event that you are not invited to participate, we will quickly refund your booth fee less a $15 application fee.  Once accepted, the booth fee is non-refundable.